Step Sponsor D.A. Workshop is modeled on the Primary Purpose Groups of Alcoholics Anonymous and

encourages ongoing recovery through Step work, sponsorship, and service.


Tradition Two

'For our group purpose, there is but one ultimate authority—

a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience.

Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.'

You will find our Daily Morning Call phone group service position titles, qualifications, lengths of service, and descriptions below. To find out more about a specific position or about current and upcoming open positions, complete the form below. We will get back to you within a few days.

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Continual working of the Steps with a sponsor is highly recommended for all trusted servants.



1. WEBSITE MAINTENANCE HOST has experience working in the WIX website platform and will coordinate updates of scripts, schedules, Topics, Trusted Servant information, and Newcomer information on the website. Ideally we would a choose a member of StepSponsorDA, a DA member or other 12-stepper in recovery, who has professional web development experience as well as an understanding of the anonymity tradition and the principle of confidentiality. A volunteer would be preferred but the 8th tradition does allow for pay for special workers when appropriate, and so monetary compensation could be considered in our group conscience.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT DA Diva    Term ended:  Nov 2020 Email:  dadivadelux@yahoo.com

2. DOCUMENT PROCESSORS assist in managing our reference and communications documents to fit into our Website postings. Three members with digital and organizational skills in technical operations, possibly working in tandem. Length of service two to three months.

Current Trusted Servant: Magpie Term started:  Jan 2021-2022 Email:magpiehasenoughstuff@gmail.com


1. CONTACT LIST MINDER maintains the Confidential Contact List, adds new members on request, and sends out the list as appropriate. Confidentiality is essential. Suggested Qualification is knowledge of Word tables as spreadsheets and can learn use of Google Sheets. Length of service is six months – one year.

Current Trusted Servant: Magpie Term ends: Jan 2021 - Jan 2022 Email:  magpiehasenoughstuff@gmail.com

2. EMAIL MINDER HOST solicits and trains the Email Minders and administers SSDA Email operations and systems. Suggested Qualifications are familiarity with SSDA communications and email organization and flow, skill in technical operations with current email systems, and flexibility in overseeing others' work. 

Current Trusted Servant: LJ Term ends: Jan 2022 Email:  levens53711@yahoo.com 

3. TREASURER is a guardian of the group’s solvency. The Treasurer receives the Seventh Tradition collection of the Workshop, pays the group’s expenses, makes contributions on behalf of the group conscience to other D.A. service bodies, writes monthly Income and Expense Reports, and holds quarterly PRMs for the Workshop’s finances. Treasurer mentors the Treasurer Trainee. Suggested Qualifications are not incurring new unsecured debt for six months and having a minimum of four personal PRMs. Length of service is one year.

Current Trusted Servant:DA Diva Term ends:  Nov 2022  Email: dadivadelux@yahoo.com

4. TREASURER TRAINEE supports the work of the Treasurer and prepares to become the next Treasurer in a smooth succession. Suggested Qualifications are not incurring new unsecured debt for three months and having a minimum of two personal PRMs. Length of service may be two to six months.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT  __________ Term ends:_____ Email:____

​5. TRUSTED SERVANTS LIST MINDER maintains the list of all current volunteers in service positions and communicates anticipated vacancies to the Trusted Servants Hosts. The Suggested Qualification is knowledge of Excel and email.  Length of service is one year.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT  - MAGPIE (TEMPORARY)  Term ends: Nov 2021.   Email: magpiehasenoughstuff@gmail.com


1. GENERAL SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, or GSR, attends the World Service Conference, WSC, serves on a WSC committee, and performs the work required to support D.A. on an ongoing basis. Suggested Qualifications are abstaining from incurring new unsecured debt for a least one year, active membership in SSDA Workshop as the home group, actively working the Twelve Steps of D.A., received at least two Pressure Relief Meetings, and participated as a trusted servant. Length of service is three years.

Current Trusted Servant: Snow White Term ends:  July 2021  Email:  sue.expstrhope@yahoo.com

2. GENERAL SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE ALTERNATE, or GSR ALTERNATE, holds the position of the GSR when the GSR is unable to serve. Suggested Qualifications are the same as for the General Service Representative. Length of service is three years.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT Term ends: July 2023 Email: 

3. INTERGROUP REPRESENTATIVE, or IGR, attends the monthly D.A. Telephone Intergroup, or DATIG, meeting and reports to the Workshop as needed. Suggested Qualification is willingness to perform service at the Intergroup level. Length of service is three years.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT Term ends:_____ Email:____

​4. PUBLIC INFORMATION REPRESENTATIVE, or PI REP, responds to requests from the media, attends monthly “Let’s Grow D.A.” phone meetings, PI Fellowship presentations by the WSC PI committee and reports to the Workshop. Suggested Qualifications are regular attendance of the Workshop; at least three months of not incurring unsecured debt, or, if working with the media, one year; a firm grasp of anonymity as discussed in Traditions Eleven and Twelve; Step work with a D.A. sponsor. The Length of Service is three years with a minimum of one hour of service a month and attending D.A. media training within the first year of service.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT Term ends:_____ Email:____


1. BUSINESS MEETING CHAIRPERSON prepares and leads the bi-monthly business meetings. The Chair develops the agenda based on the results from the last business meeting and sends the proposed agenda to all members one week prior to the scheduled business meeting, asking members for any new business. The Suggested Qualification is experience in leading a D.A. meeting.  Length of service is six months.  We have a Business Meeting as part of the workshop every two months.  The Secretary works closely with the Business Meeting Chairperson.  Our next Business Meeting is scheduled for March 27?, 2021.  Training will be provided.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT (Dropping the Rock) Term ends: Jan 2021  Email:  droppingtherock19@gmail.com

2. BUSINESS MEETING SECRETARY develops minutes from the recording and notes taken during the bi-monthly business meeting, makes the minutes available promptly to the Chairperson to use in preparing the agenda for the next meeting, ensures a copy is provided to be posted on the SSDA website, and assists distribution of the minutes to the members. Secretary also works with the Treasurer. Length of service is six months.

Current Trusted Servant: _JC___Term ends:_Apr 2021.  Email:  conrad.jillian@gmail.com 

3. MODERATOR HOST solicits and trains Moderators and Moderator Trainees, oversees the schedule, and supports the live call Workshop.  Suggested Qualification is experience as a Step Sponsor D.A. Workshop Moderator. Length of service is one year.

Current Trusted Servant: Cat Woman Term ends: May 2021 Email:  vickiscottlee@gmail.com 

4. MODERATORS conduct the workshop by reading the script and asking for volunteers to read, share, answer questions, and use recommended prayers on request. Moderators mentor trainees. The qualification is open to all members and newcomers are welcomed. Length of service is one day a week for six months.

Current Trusted Servant                                           Term Started          Email:

Sunday:        Trinity                                                   Nov 2020          humbleusefulme@gmail.com

Monday:       Miss Behaving                                       Jan 2021          missbehaving.recovery@gmail.com

Tuesday:      Dropping the Rock                                 Jan 2021          droppingtherock19@gmail.com

Wed:            JC/Magpie                                            Jan 2021           conrad.jillian@gmail.com/ magpiehasenoughstuff@gmail.com

Thursday:     JerseyGirl                                             Jan 2021          jerseygirlinmich@gmail.com

Friday:          Sunny Girl                                             Jan 2021          dasunnygirl1231@gmail.com      


Saturday:      Beloved                                                Sept 2020          77beloved1@gmail.com


5. MODERATOR TRAINEES receive on the job training from the Moderator Host and their Moderator teammate during their Moderator’s six-month term of service. Trainees conduct at least one workshop each month and substitute when their moderators must be absent. At the end of the Moderator’s term of service, the Trainee steps into the Moderator’s position. Suggested Qualification is open to all members and newcomers are welcomed. Length of service is one day a week for six months.


Trainees:      Serene Love

                    Tai Chi Jess


6. NEWCOMER GREETER(S) and HOST The newcomer greeter(s) role involves being available for newcomer questions via phone or email on the day(s) assigned.  Also, to be able to provide guidance to help get a newcomer started in the SSDA workshop (following the PDF “Getting Started”). Suggested Qualifications are knowledge of SSDA Workshop purpose, guidelines, and operations; the process for obtaining literature; and the procedure for subscribing to the website. Suggested length of service is six months. This position may be shared with multiple greeters each taking certain days of the week.

Current Trusted Servant NEWCOMER HOST: Magpie Term started:  July 2020   Term ends: July 2021 Email: Magpiehasenoughstuff@gmail.com/ 720-556-9880

Sunday            Trailblazer                  March 2021                            trailblazer_rh@yahoo.com

Monday           Sunny Girl                  Feb 2021                                 DASunnyGirl1231@gmail.com

Tuesday          AG                              Jan 2021                                  A1516G@gmail.com

Wednesday     DTR                            Feb 2021                                 Droppingtherock19@gmail.com

Thursday         Snow White                Jan 2021                                  Sue.expstrhope@gmail.com

Friday             Grateful Gardener      Feb 2021                                 Gratefulgardener77@gmail.com

Saturday          MZ Honesty                Feb 2021                                 Friendship1091@yahoo.com


7. STUDY HALL HOST schedules Moderators for Study Halls held each Sunday, 3:00-5:00 P.M. CT. 4-6 ET Suggested Qualifications are the basic skills of moderating a conference call.

Current Trusted Servant: AG Term started:  Nov 2020    Term ends:_____ Email:  a1516g@gmail.com

8. STUDY HALL MODERATORS open the Study Hall with the Serenity Prayer, welcome members and newcomers, and conduct the hourly check-in. Suggested Qualifications are basic skills of moderating a conference call. Length of service is six months.

Current Trusted Servant: VACANT  _ _________ Term ends:_____ Email:____

9.  ZOOM ROOM HOST schedules moderators for daily Zoom meetings in conjunction with our daily morning phone calls.  Suggested Qualifications:  basic skills of Zoom (Zoom basic skills will be taught to moderators upon joining by the Host). 

Current Trusted Servant:  VACANT  Freedom Lover Term started: Nov 2020  Term ends: _____  Email:   freedomlover818@yahoo.com

 10.  ZOOM ROOM OPENERS open the Zoom meetings in conjunction with the Daily Morning Phone Call.

Current Trusted Servant              Term started                     Email 

Sunday            _____________          Jan 2021         

Monday                                               Jan 2021         

Tuesday                                              Jan 2021         

Wednesday     _____________          Jan 2021         

Thursday         _____________          Jan 2021         

Friday             _____________          Jan 2021         

Saturday                                              Jan 2021  


“Trusted Servant Positions,” “Getting Started in D.A.,” “Taking Action in D.A.,” and “Topics,” are parts of Greenback Book: Step Sponsor D.A. Workshop Guide, a Work in Progress. This material is for exclusive autonomous use by the Step Sponsor D.A. Workshop and is not D.A. World Service Conference approved. These materials are COPYRIGHTED by Jill C. Peters and may not be duplicated without explicit written permission. “Trusted Servant Positions” revised May 2020

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