The GreenBack Book is StepSponsorDA's own unique Step Study Guide for existing DA literature. Rather than a full e-book in the traditional sense, the GreenBack Book pages are intentionally divided into individual Topics with a link for each section.

Below you will find individual links to each copyrighted Topic for the complete StepSponsorDA study series.  Debtors Anonymous has 12 Steps and 12 Tools as a suggested program of recovery. With 24 components, our past experience suggests to do one Topic at a time, take recovery a day at a time, and sometimes, even a minute at a time.

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No Topic — Our Business Meeting

The pages of the GreenBack Book Study Guide to existing DA literature is a Rough Draft and is not DA World Service Conference Approved.

Do not duplicate or use without written permission.

Additional info on Workshop Schedules

  • Daily Morning Call is an autonomous group of StepSponsorDA, # 14261. Per our own group conscience, we set an arbitrary schedule of two months for our workshop cycle. On the first day of each odd-numbered month we begin a fresh, new cycle of our StepSponsorDA studies by phone. To access a schedule of topics, readings and recording reference numbers for the current phone series in progress, click this link: SSDA MORNING CALL SCHEDULE

  • Online There is also the self-paced StepSponsorDA Online Workshop, # 1426. This service offers members the ability to pace their StepSponsorDA study on any schedule they choose. To access the self paced online series, click this link: SSDA ONLINE

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