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8:00 A.M. Eastern Time, Daily


ACCESS CODE 5555416#

For International Dial in, Click Here.

Next two-month cycle begins May 1, 2024

(Please join us anytime during the cycle.)

The purpose of the StepSponsorDA workshop is to learn precisely what our approved D.A. and A.A. literature says about the nature of our disease; obtain directions and prayers indicated in the Twelve Steps and D.A.’s Tools; grow in spiritual awareness; and support each other in the practice of these principles in all our affairs. We take the Steps rapidly, applying the experience, strength, and hope found in the literature to our own recovery and the sponsorship of other members. We try to carry this message to the compulsive debtor who still suffers by learning to sponsor the newcomer with the literature and expanding the culture of service in Debtors Anonymous.


Debtors Anonymous Group Number 14261

Welcome to StepSponsorDA


Carrying DA's message to the compulsive debtor who still suffers and expanding the culture of sponsorship and service in Debtors Anonymous.

If you want to participate in a StepSponsorDA Workshop, you're in the right place. We’re glad you found our workshop and we invite you to review the details we've shared about our recovery path. 

In a StepSponsorDA workshop we read, study, act upon, and discuss the directions and prayers in designated DA and AA conference-approved literature. We invite you to be a member of this workshop resource center. 

To access StepSponsorDA full workshop materials:

  • Create and add your stage name and email address below in the following form. Once you do you will receive an automated welcoming email with information you need to become an active workshop participant. We don't activate your login access until you have opened this email.

  • NOTE: In StepSponsorDA, we uphold the tradition of Anonymity. For that reason, most members adopt a "Stage Name." This is just a suggestion, if that works for you. We have found that creating a fun, inspiring DA alias keeps our identities confidential and is a joyful process. 

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