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In the absence of a complete sequential DA textbook, we have put together a logical order in which to study a selection of approved DA and AA pamphlets and books, all of which are available as of 2021. Any StepSponsorDA workshop will study the 12 Tools, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and selected service literature in a structured sequence.

In gathering the literature needed for the StepSponsorDA workshop, most of us have found that if we prefer paper literature it is best to get all material ordered at the beginning of the series as it takes 2-3 weeks for shipping and handling.


DA now offers electronic versions of most of these pieces. They may be obtained one at a time, or grouped in a discounted package, instantly, upon payment.

Free DA Literature

All free DA literature is available to download via the links below.


The above free DA literature can also be found at  and


DA Literature to Purchase


All DA paper and electronic literature to be purchased can be found on this order page from

Allow 2-3 weeks for paper literature shipping and handling

You can purchase paper versions of these items at local DA meetings and at regional DA Intergroups

Availability varies depending upon local stock.

In addition to paper versions of all DA literature, electronic or Kindle versions* may be purchased by clicking this link

Electronic Literature is available upon payment.

  • A Currency of Hope (book)

  • DA 12 and 12 and 12 (book)

  • Just for This Day (bookmark and prayers)

  • DA's Monthly Recordkeeper (Fill-in booklet)*


    • Debtors Anonymous

    • Meetings

    • Record Keeping

    • Telephone and Internet

    • The 12 Steps of DA

    • Pressure Relief Groups and Pressure Relief Meetings

    • Spending Plan

    • Communicating with Creditors and Debt Payment

    • Spirituality

    • Visions

    • Awareness

    • Recovery from Compulsive Spending

  • The Numbers: One Approach (Fill-in booklet)*

  • OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENT the DA 12 Steps Study Guide (Fill-in book)*

  • NOTE the Fill-in booklets/books (*) are only available in paper version

Other Items to Obtain

  • Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (this is a link to, where you can access and read a pdf for free)

  • AA's 12 Steps and 12 Traditions (this is a link to, where you can access and read a pdf for free)

  • Small notebook for record keeping or a record keeping APP of your choice for your SMART Phone

  • Pack of notebook paper for Step writing and note taking

  • Pack of 3x5 cards for prayers or an APP of your choice for your SMART Phone

Additional Free DA Literature

        Although not part of our workshop study plan, you may find the DA literature below to be helpful.

        All free DA literature available below can also be found at

Image by Eric Muhr
Image by Ugne Vasyliute

Additional Workshop Schedule Info

  • Daily Morning Call is an autonomous group of StepSponsorDA, # 14261. Per our own group conscience, we set an arbitrary schedule of two months for our workshop cycle. On the first day of each odd-numbered month we begin a fresh, new cycle of our StepSponsorDA studies by phone. To access a schedule of topics, readings and recording reference numbers for the current phone series in progress, click this link: SSDA MORNING CALL SCHEDULE

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