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If you want to participate in StepSponsorDA Online 24/7 message board workshops, please click here.

The link will take you to another site, an online message board hosted by "Groups I.O." You will need to join the "group i.o." under an additional log-in to participate.

The online group is a message board where you may view a topic assignment, work the step or tool at your own pace and post your sharing of DA Experience Strength and Hope 24/7.


To participate in StepSponsorDA online or in any other form; face to face, phone, zoom video or other, we suggest you join StepSponsorDA parent group. We use this online message board to disseminate basic info and bulletins about the way our Step Study Workshop operates. We also send out notices when a new step study series is forming. This replaced our old "Yahoo" online message board



To participate in our step study workshop online, join the sub-group; StepSponsorDA Sharing ESH ONLINE 24/7 WORKSHOP. We use this online message board as an interactive workshop where members may receive the GreenBackBook Study Guide Pages (The Topic assignments) as well as post sharing after they study the material. This workshop is self paced and you may post sharing or ask questions on any DA recovery related subject. You also get to read the posts of other members' step work and read the recovery material any time of the day or night.


Once members do the work of the indicated Topic: the DA Step, Tool or service of that day, we are invited to post "ESH."

E - Experience - taking the indicated actions,

S - Strength - how each new action strengthened our recovery, and

H - Hope going forward that the changes we are making are sustainable in the long run; how we stick with it.

AND another H - HELP. If you are having challenges with any part of your DA program, post a request for help or one on one outreach and members may reply with posts of DA experience, or exchange contact info to connect offline.

AND the most important H - Higher Power (HP). If you want to ask your Higher Power for help, post your prayers or prayer requests so that members may pray with you and for you.

In 12 - step recovery, action is the magic word, but the secret password is

ASK; for HP - Help and Prayer.

ALL with a Desire to Stop Debting are Welcome to Join StepSponsorDA ONLINE 24/7 WORKSHOP

To Join this subgroup CLICK HERE


GROUPS I.O. NUMBERS and Record Keeping: Experience Strength and Hope from Individual Members

A Key DA tool is Record Maintenance. For specific help with using the DA tool of record keeping, join the sub-group: NUMBERS.Records.ESH. Debtors Anonymous literature recommends that all members have a personal Record Keeping and Maintenance method. However, DA does not endorse any one method in particular. This tool helps us get honest, get clear and hopefully keep us out of trouble. If your record keeping method brings you integrity, clarity and serenity it is probably working!

This group was created as an SSDA Members' blog to help one and other. We share various individual WAYS and METHODS of record keeping as well as posting personal sample templates that other members may want to try. Members with strong Record Maintenance experience may offer to help others who desire to grow in this area. All material shared is strictly that of the member who posts it. This blog is for use as a starting point for those DA members who have been challenged by record keeping or who want to improve their upon their individual method. As such, no individually posted material is either DA Conference approved literature, nor it endorsed by the DA World Service Conference. 

As with all 12 Step Recovery Programs, getting clear is just a beginning. Do read the Debtors Anonymous Conference approved literature and use the member generated material to supplement. For lasting healing, experience has shown us that we need to get a sponsor and work the 12 Steps. What we found is: spend time with your numbers, but spend more time with your Higher Power.

We're just here to help. Take what you can use and leave the rest. WELCOME

To Join "NUMBERS and Record Keeping: Experience Strength and Hope from Individual Members" Click HERE

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