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Welcome to the StepSponsorDA Daily Morning Workshop Call

If you want to participate in the StepSponsorDA Daily Morning Workshop Call, you're in the right place. We’re glad you found our workshop and we invite you to review the details we've shared about our recovery path. In this workshop we read, study, act upon, and discuss the directions and prayers in designated DA and AA conference-approved literature and we invite you to join us. To join our workshop, add your name* and email address to the form on the home page. You will receive a welcoming email with all the information you need to become an active workshop participant. *In StepSponsorDA, we uphold the tradition of Anonymity. For that reason, most members adopt a "Stage Name." We each create a fun inspiring DA alias, if we choose to, as it helps to keep our identities confidential.

We take these Steps rapidly, applying the experience, strength, and hope found in the literature to our own recovery and the sponsorship of other members. We try to carry this message to the compulsive debtor who still suffers and to expand the culture of service in Debtors Anonymous. We share a recovery environment where it is agreed that we speak about, and place our minds and consciousness upon, our experience of living the solution through abstinence, spirituality, and working the Steps of Debtors Anonymous.

As a 12-Step recovery program for people who want to stop incurring unsecured debt, we live the solution to our debting through abstinence, spirituality, and working the Steps of Debtors Anonymous. Debtors Anonymous offers hope for people whose use of unsecured debt causes problems and suffering in their lives and the lives of others.


If you’re uncertain if the workshop is for you, we invite you to listen to a recording of our Newcomer Orientation:


For Newcomer Welcome info to the Daily Morning Phone Workshop click here.

For Newcomer Information on Getting Started click here.

For the Getting Started members script, or our study session format, click here.

For the Schedule of topics, readings and recording numbers for the current series click here.

If you're attracted to what you hear, you might next listen in on one or more of our StepSponsorDA Daily Morning Workshop Calls as you make your decision to join.

Daily Morning Call info:

7-8:15 am Central Time / 8-9:15 am Eastern Time - Every Day

720.708.1227 + Access Code: 5555416#



To access a list of International Call in Numbers click here


To access an outline with a schedule of topics, readings and recording reference numbers for the current daily morning phone series in progress, click this link: SSDA MORNING CALL SCHEDULE


To hear a recording of each morning study session call: Playback Number:  (605).313.4101 Access code: 5555416 #

International Playback Numbers

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